Thursday, 24 March 2011

61st issue: How does people in Helsinki look like?

There's a web site about street fashion in Helsinki, called Hel looks. Some people think the page is "super hipster and people are stupid because they dress up like that" or that "the people want just attention by dressing up like that", but my opinion is: SO WHAT!

I think it's good that people dress up differently and use their imagination. Helsinki doesn't have that many clothing stores, the main brands are H&M (Swedish), Zara (Spanish), Lindex (Swedish), Seppälä (Finnish).. I mean if you don't want to pay your whole salary for a t-shirt. But at the same time if you buy stuff from these mentioned clothing stores, it won't be surprising if in the party there are 4 girls wearing the same dress.....

And that's my worst fear....

Many of the people in Hel-Looks are dressing up cheap, but still differently. And this is what I like. Dressing up cheap doesn't mean H&M always. Some people may think these people look trashy - but that's then the main hipster ideology, to look trashy but neat. Most people in this web page mix recycled clothes with expensive - but this is much better than wear H&M from head to toes! This is even more nature friendly: buying recycled stuff and just one pair of expensive & good quality jeans than 5 pairs of H&M jeans which you have to wash after one use because they stretch.

Check Hel Looks out HERE

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