Thursday, 24 March 2011

60th issue: When to travel to Helsinki : SUMMER! part 1

When is summer?

When the schools end just beginning of June - it means summer starts. This is just rule, because if the schools wouldn't end - summer wouldn't start. We grow up going to school 9 months a year from mid-August to end of May/beginning of June, so that 3 months is something we wait for. We go to school 9-12(-16+) years from our life, so it's pretty logical that we embrace the idea of summer starting when schools end.

So, when we graduate from school there's no 3 months holiday during the summer, but at this time we are so used to think that "now's the summer, because schools end". A little bit complicated, but this way you'll know that it's summer also, because sometimes Finland's summer isn't warm at all and it's difficult to even call it "summer". So the "school rule" makes it summer, even though it's not summer in the terms of temperature.

Summer is: June, July and August. 

How do I know will it be warm: The frog man

We have lot's of funny people in Finland too. I think funny people are very welcome to this country, where so many people are insane (= too serious).  There's the Frogman, who always appears and says something about the weather and it usually happens. The Frog man - as you can guess - is forecasting the weather from frogs.

But the truth...

You can never say what's the weather going to be during the summer. I remember we have had fantastic summers, and we have had rain 24/7 for the whole summer. Everybody wishes good summer - of course - because after summer starts darkness and winter again. So some way we need to get our batteries loaded. And if the summer is not good - huh - you are going to meet many, many angry Finns. Just like the game Angry Birds - we are angry Finns. And lot's of suicides. There won't be enough space in Hietaniemi cemetery anymore for future generations.

So we Finns are serious about warm summer. We really need it, because it's definitely ruling our mood and mental health.

Summer in 2010

Last summer was something we are not used to in Finland: it was hot and humid. It started straight away on June and last until end of August, just as it should. But it was just too hot all the time - it actually remind me of Japan in June when it's the rainy season when the air gets just too muggy. I was thinking all the time that this can't stay like this, it must just come down in some way, and then we got it - the crazy storm that many of us have never even seen. I was thinking now it's the world end...And so were many others...

The following video is from Hietaniemi beach (just next to the Hietaniemi cemetery), see how people are going insane...

So, what I mean is that Finland's summer like christmas present (or like a pig in a bag as we would say) - you never know what's it's going to be. You just have to take risk. But I can promise the nature will be pretty how ever the weather is going to be, so that's for sure.

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