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58th issue: This is what Finland talks about

At this moment Finland has split in four human groups in political issues:

1. Gay people

Problem: Some of the narrow minded people say that the child won't grow up well if there's only 2 fathers or 2 mothers. Also they are saying the child will be bullied at school. 

My opinion: The child of two gay won't be bullied, if other children's mothers and fathers don't teach their child to be narrow minded. Instead they can teach their child to be sophisticated and except people from different background. I was bullied at school and I had a mother and a father, I came from a very happy family, but still there was something wrong about me from the people who bullied me point of view. 

I also think that gay people in Finland are much more sophisticated, because they travel and are open for new things. They know how to enjoy life, because they are comfortable with their self! And so they would teach their children to be the same - to be comfortable and truly them self. Maybe their children would even avoid depression which many face because they are not allowed to be what they really are - and I m not only talking about being a homosexual, I m talking about anything: a person with a loud voice, a skinny person, a fat person, black/yellow/white person.....

Who are against gay people in Finland?
Christian party and True Finns.

2. Super Christians 

Problem: There has been lot's of issues jumping up between super christians and rest of Finland. Especially one politician from the Christian Democrats, Päivi Räsänen, came up with her gay against opinions, such as 

(I just translated it straight away with Google translator, so some mistakes may appear. But you will get the point...)

"Yes, I think that here, if anywhere in the Bible is very clear about homosexuals. I do not understand how it can actually be interpreted otherwise, because marriage is made so clearly between a man and a woman. The homosexual behavior is clearly in the New Testament seen as contrary to the will of God and it's sin. And I myself think that it's fair that homosexuals get from the church to hear the Bible's true law - God's law, which concerns us all sexual area of ​​life, for it is intended that we understand that we are sinners and that we need grace."

"I think a mistake has been made in society, when we have accepted the internal adoption, which means that a child can have at the same time two legal mothers or two legal fathers. It shuts off at the same time, for example women's pairs, the family that this child will never be able to get their father. And yes it is deep in the father's need for human beings. It may not appear immediately, even if just the firstfew decades. But there is a harrowing time, when the 80-year-olds human beings willcry, the father's lack of it, and yet at that stage I would like to know who is my father."

(Txt borrowed from HERE)

The result was many people left church. In Finland if you belong to the church you pay church tax etc. There's a web page where you can leave church just by one click. And after Räisänen came up with her gay racist -opinions in 2010, did 83 097 people left the church during the whole year! E.g in 2000 only 13 600 left the church. And after Räisänen dropped the bomb on television straight away 20 000 people left the church. 

My opinion: I have never belonged to the church, because I was born atheist. But from my point of view should church be open for everyone and support everyone, no matter if they are gay.

3. Immigrants

Problem: True Finns think that Finland is supporting too much immigrants, that our tax money are just flying away, when they should be used for elderly people.

My opinion: I just think everything True Finns say, is rubbish and coming out from narrow minded people's mouth. These people have traveled only to Mallorca and Tenerife and there they speak Finnish in very loud voice and eat only Finnish food. These people don't know anything about other cultures and think our culture in Finland is the only and real and original one. Though all the Finnish people are mixed race anyway. 

Also True Finns don't remember that Finnish people were immigrants also one time:  After the Winter War 400 000 Finnish lost their homes and ended up as immigrants.  Between 1939-1945 Finland sent immigrant children to Sweden, Denmark and Norway, this included 80 000 children. 

How many & where? Sweden around 72 000, Denmark 4 200 and to Norway around one hundred child and mother. 15 500 never returned Finland. 

PS. I have written about True Finns HERE and HERE and about nationalism HERE. Also I was Shocked after seeing this: Click here to see the video. If this is not feeding racism, what is?

True Finns

Maybe I have sair everything about these people...

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