Tuesday, 22 March 2011

57th issue: legs wide open: What to do if you end up at his place...

I' m known from my men problems. I always cry to everyone “Boohoo, he dumped me without no reason”. What do I hear from my male friends, from almost everyone, and almost always is: “Esin, you go to bed with them too fast

W H A T ? !

Yes. Finnish guys are emotional (as you might have understoon from my ”How to hit a Finnish Guy"-issue). But if I can tell my point of view as a Finnish female: I don’t care about hugging and showing that I care and I'm not going to think straight away you are going to marry me. And either do many of my female friends. The time is now and we have to live for the moment. And if you guys are not having a relationship – yet – why to behave like a couple? Time shows anyway if you too are ment to be. But no, Finnish guys want to cuddle and tickle and hihihi.. STOP, THAT'S DISGUSTING!

Let's be mature.

But Finnish guys say: ”We lose interest on you, if you have sex with us straight away”, excuse me, but why in Finland men have right to choose how long this "thing" between two people lasts? What if we female lose interest on you guys - then you start calling us in the middle of the night. Plus, I haven’t yet met any guy who has been amazing in the bed during the first time. Once I was sending a txt message because it was so boooriiing. But still I wanted to see this guy many times, because I wanted to give him a chance! 

But in Finland we have this thing called: keep your legs closed and you'll get married.

I don’t want to sound like a feminist, but Finnish guys are far too sensitive and they have to work it out in some way!

So, my tip for you: Keep your legs closed and go to the church every Sunday. This way you'll find your dream Finnish guy.

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