Tuesday, 22 March 2011

56th issue: Low budged day in Helsinki vol 3.

Did you run out of cosmetics and won't bother to buy a big tube of face lotion? No worries! Just go to Stockmann...

Stockmann is a higher class department store located in central Helsinki. They sell lot's of luxury and design brands. It's kind of a cheaper version of Harrods if you want to think it like that. Everything in Stockmann is just a little bit expensive but the service is just excellent. So you pay fro the service in a way, but let me tell you why:

When you go to the department stores first floor, where all the brand cosmetics are, such as Clinique, Biotherm, Mac etc. you just walk there a bit and look at something, then seller comes and recommends you something. It's always a bit risky to buy any expensive cosmetic without trying, right? So quite fast the seller suggests you to take some of the product with you as a tester.

How good service is this? And how good it is for you because you don't have to buy a big tube of the product to carry with you on your travels, instead they give for you for FREE tester which is enough for 1-2 weeks.

Put this tip behind your ear!

Where is Stockmann?
Aleksanterinkatu 52 - so it's just central Helsinki.

Aleksanterinkatu is the shopping district.

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