Monday, 21 March 2011

54th issue: Finnish convenience food

Some people just refuse believing how unhealthy convenience food is. Still you see people just buying different industrial food, instead of buying veggies or real meat. They live with this crap, and I don't know how they manage! We have a couple of brands that are very popular: Atria, Pirkka, Rainbow, Saarioinen and HKSaarioinen is actually advertising itself as "food made by mothers", I'm sorry, but my mother doesn't add E450, E412, E202/E211 into my food.

Atria, Saarioinen and HK are mostly based in Finnish ingredients, when Rainbow, Pirkka and Lidl products are usually mixture of different countries stuff. So they have bigger "coal footstep". Actually a Finnish documentary director is making a documentary about one of Lidl's products how all the ingredients are flew from different countries - even continents!  

Large selection of industrial crap..I mean food. From supermarket in suburb in Northern Helsinki,  Malmi.

One very popular is lihis aka lihapiirakka - meat doughnut. It's made from white flour and in it is "meat" (leftovers meaning brains and cows titties) and rice with some spices. Then the whole bun is deep fried and there you go. Also some people buy this after coming from the bar sold in street kitchens.

Meat pie is sold like this in supermarkets. This package costs around 2,50€.
(pic from HERE)

Fancy having one? (pic from HERE)
Another very popular is lihapullat - meat balls. Often you can see homeless alcoholics eating these, but also elderly people do buy these because it's easy to prepare. Some people do buy these also to the park as a picnic food. Anyway, you can read from the package specification that industrial meatballs don't actually have actual meat in them, instead they have broiler skin, animal brains and lard. Also potato starch added. Sounds delicious? 

Price around 4€. (pic from HERE)

Then there's a classic - HooKoon sininen - HK blue. This is a very thick sausage, holy gosh. It also has two different "meat" in it, from pork and cow. The package specification says "43% of meat and 53% of something that can be compared to meat". Yummy, sounds deee-licious! How people eat this? When they have hangover they put on top of that lot's of cheese and to the owen, it's called uuni makkara - owen sausage.

One legendary convenience food is Saarioinen jauhelihapitsa aka roiskeläppä - "meat" pizza (nickname: roiskeläppä = spacker flap). This is with what many of us have grown up because it's a "good"(= read easy) snack. Some people perceive it as food and actually their daily diet consists from two Saarioinen meat pizza & 1,5 liter coke. As you look at the ingredients of this "food", you'll notice it doesn't actually have any nutritional value.

But still I propose you to taste one. You have to eat it cold, if you heat it up it's not the same. And people usually eat it cold because they are skateboarding and don't have microwave there. And in Finland supermarkets don't have public microwaves like in Japan they do. Oh, and I have to ad here too, that it doesn't have much real meat in it, mostly it consists brains and leftovers from animal. 

There are lot's of different kinds of industrial food sold in the markets' I just wanted to introduce you to the typical ones that have almost flag as national Finnish convenience food. There's one very hilarious one from Pirkka: frozen sushi. WTF?! This is the most disrespect towards Japanese food culture!

Seriously? Like seriously, seriously? (pic from HERE)

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