Saturday, 19 March 2011

50th issue: Apartments in Helsinki part 1

I want to give you an idea how apartments in Helsinki look like. My apartment's size is 30,5 m2 and located in uptown, Kallio. I live alone and my rent is 640€/month. On top of that I pay for electricity 45-50 € every 2 months. So living in uptown is not very cheap either, especially for singles.

This is my apartment how it usually looks like. I didn't tidy it up to show how I really live. My house was built in 1912, so it's very old just like other buildings in this area. You'd think old apartments are cold, but in Finland we have double windows, so it doesn't get cold inside. Also I pay that 50 € to get proper heat! My bathroom has also heated floor, which is super nice (and makes the electricity bill grow)!

This is my entrance. That suitcase has been there for 3 weeks now. I never bother to do anything to it. Also my posts just collect in front of my door and once a month I bother to collect them and take to the trash. I'm slightly lazy about that, I know. I just leave my home always in so hurry that I never have time to go to the trash, heh.

This is my living room/where I sleep. I have also bunk bed, but I quit using it after I always had to struggle climbing up there when I was drunk. And I was drunk quite often before.
And here's where you arrive to my apartment (where the picture before this was taken). There's also my tiny bathroom in that corridor. There you can also see my super messy working table, which is more like place where I always throw everything important. This way they are at least in one place... Also I have pictures of Tokyo there to cheer me up.

I want to keep the colors clean and bright, because that wood is so dominant and strong. Now I have my "Sakura" (cherry blossom) blanket covers in my bed, so I don't use cover blanket. But if I use it, it's bright pink. I wanted to fill that wall with lot's of pictures from Tokyo, but...maybe in the future then.. 

This is my kitchen. The space was distant and cold,  so I wanted to balance it with colors and kitsch kind of atmosphere. And yes, I always keep my garbage bag there. It annoys me and I don't know why I started to keep it there, maybe because it's handy, but not nice at all. 
My fridge is very old and I hate it because it's not nature friendly at all.

And this is my little secret that is hidden behind my sofa. My clothes are always just a huge bundle... Also I have extra heather there, which I was using last summer because my apartment was colder than outside was!!

So, this was my apartment! Later on I will make issues of my friends apartments, if they let me to do it...

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