Friday, 18 March 2011

49th issue: City-bunnies!

Many countries have cockroach problem. We don't have cockroaches in Finland. Or it's super rare to see one. I remember walking in Sydney's Kings Cross and the streets were covered with cockroaches. Disgusting.

Helsinki starts sounding like Teletabby-land when I tell this: we have rabbits everywhere. People say the rabbits are problem, because they eat everything like a huge pacman. And it's difficult to fight against them, because rabbits .. well, you know the saying when someone is very active sexually... Yeah. Rabbits are similar problem here as the possums in New Zealand.

In central Helsinki you might not be able to see any, but if you walk to Töölönlahti (park next to Finlandia house) there are so many bunnies especially during the night time and early in the morning. You are able to see them in the daytime too, but bunnies are shy, so find a quiet spot. Also I live in Kallio and am watching bunnies running all the time from my window, and this area is well inhabited.

During the summer these bunnies have babies, which are amazingly cute!

Eating city bunnies? 

They tried to make food business out of it, but then they realized these bunnies are eating polluted grass.

(pic from here)

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