Friday, 18 March 2011

47th issue: Arriving Helsinki via airplane part 1


Should I fly Finnair?


If you have any kind of opportunity to take any other flight company, I honestly honestly recommend that. Ok, if the other options are Iberia or Aeroflot - then I recommend Finnair.

From the airport to the city

How do I get?

There's expensive Finnair bus, which costs around 8€ and takes about 30minutes to the central. Then there's cheaper version, the local bus which costs 4€. It's the bus number 615/615T. This is the one you should take.

Where does it depart?

At the airport Terminal 1 stop no. 2
(From the city central stop number 5)


615 runs around 4 times per hour and takes about 35-40 min to the central. The first bus departs from the city central at 4.45 am, meaning it departs from airport at 5.35 am. They run until 10.50 pm from the airport and depart the city until 1.20 am. Weekends schedules are different.

(click here to see the schedules)

Where do I purchase my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket from ticket automatic that is located at the bus stop, or you can buy it from the driver. Many times I have been witnessing tourist trying to pay with 50€ to the driver and the driver has got angry and started to yell "make it smaller somewhere, I don't accept so huge money!". Honestly, the drivers are getting angry. Though some of the drivers let you in for free if you try with bigger money,  so here's a little hint for you...

I am a student, is there student discount?

One problem: If you are not studying in FInland, you won't get the discount ticket. So for this theres a trick too: if you have student friend in Finland who doesn't use his/hers HSL IC-card, I recommend you to borrow your friends card. These IC cards are personal, but it doesn't have picture in it. Though it has name in it, so if you are a guy and your friend is do the math. Student discount is -50% from normal tickets.

When I wasn't student and my sister was, I was using my sisters IC-card. Hahaa.

Helsinki Public Transportation (in English)

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