Friday, 18 March 2011

46th issue: Finnish alcohol: Koskenkorva aka Kossu

Kossu is the leader strong alcohol in Finland. It's  kind of a vodka made from barley. It's alcohol % is 38.

As bottles there are the kind of "international" edition and then there's Finnish edition. I wonder why they had to do this new edition, the old bottle is much better because it represents Kossu the best: the bottle is ugly and simple and it means that this alcohol is just meant to get drunk, not for any amazing taste experience. People don't respect Kossu much, it is kind of alcohol which makes everyone laugh: "Ah, Kossu HAHAHAH".

Drinks from Kossu

Kossu has made different tastes, to name few blueberry, vanilla and lime. And yes, they are decent ones if you are making drinks. One time blueberry shot was popular. It includes blueberry liquor (2cl), buleberry soup (2cl) and on top of that cream. Instead of blueberry liquor people started using blueberry Kossu. It made slightly better and stronger from that shot which has anyway 2 cl of alcohol (only 2c meaning it's like drinking juice!).. Drinking blueberry shots is not trendy. 

From the original Kossu you can do what ever you want: shots and drinks. Kossu can be added into beer too, it makes beer stronger and gives a smooth alcohol taste in it. I recommend you to ad only 2 cl Kossu. 4 cl tastes through too strong. But the best way is to drink 4 cl of room warm Kossu as a shot. Ah, tastes so disgusting!

Salty licorice shot

You can buy this ready mixture from Kossu. It's very good souvenir from Finland. Usually no-one who has never tasted it before likes it, but it makes very funny faces when someone who has never tastes it tastes it.

Kossu in 2000's

Probably Kossu has been trying to focus on international markets by getting Finnish graphic designer, Klaus Haapaniemi, to design a bottle cover for them. But I still think Kossu should market its self as the cheap and crappy alcohol that Finnish people just drink to get drunk. I think this story is much better than trying to look amazing and visually good. Because the taste will ruin the look anyway.
Klaus Haapaniemi designed the
etiquette for the international bottle.

The true and original bottle. (pic from here)

Note! As Kossu is so strong, it's not sold in supermarkets. You have to go to liquor shop called Alko to purchase it. Alko's are open daily from 10-20 and Saturday 10-18. Sundays CLOSED!

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