Friday, 18 March 2011

45th issue: Finnish designer: Klaus Haapaniemi

First I have to tell that I'm deeply in love with Klaus Haapaniemi. Why? Soon you'll understand...

pic from MeNaiset
First a little introduce to Klaus Haapaniemi. He is a Finnish graphic designer based now in London. He has designed prints for different companies such as Iittala, Diesel, Levi's, Marimekko... Also he has illustrated books. There are numerous things Haapaniemi has done, and it's not surprising because this man has just so great imagination that he has deserved his place as one of the greatest Finnish designers!

Don't like so colorful? This one is more down to the Earth.
(pic from here)

A pike and a reindeer made child. (pic from here)
Haapaniemi's style goes well with modern design, but also it can be mixed with traditional old style. It's just how he has been using the colors. Some of them have bright colors, but in some the colors aren't that surreal. There is something for everyone.

At the same time Haapaniemi mixes Finnish nature in his designs: you can see very typical Finnish elements with a vibe of Haapaniemi's style, like in the picture of pike on left side. Pike is very usual fish to be caught from our lakes. Other used animals are deers, owls, bunnies... Very typical animals from Finlands nature. Trees, such as birches, are used too. And Finland is known for it's birches, because we invented teeth friendly xylitol which comes from birch!

Also Haapaniemi has meaning in Finnish: it means aspen headland. We have lot's of aspens in Finland too. So I think in some of the pictures the leafs are aspen leafs. Nomen est omen.

Klaus Haapaniemi -  he is a genius! 

The frog and the moon. (pic from here)

Owl. (pic from here)

See more of his work HERE
Purchase his stuff HERE

(Monkey pic from here)

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