Friday, 18 March 2011

44th issue: Finland HEART Marimekko

In Finland almost every household has something from Marimekko. They have invented so wide range of different stuff, that it's impossible not to have any of Marimekko's design.

One year Marimekko released clothes which included fur and some of the people went insane. Marimekko's designers get their inspirations mostly from the nature. Older Marimekko's designs are super hippy-ish with all those trippy shapes and colors. Then suddenly there's mink included in these designings. I don't know if they wanted to get rid of the hippy image and show that they can do other stuff too for the snob Finns by including mink. But it seems like these snob Finns even like Marimekko as a hippy-ish brand.

Design: Sanna Annukka (pic from here)
Well, glad there hasn't been mink in Marimekko's designs since then and I hope they keep inspirations coming from the nature - not from animals that have been farmed un-ethically. When I watch Marimekko's designs they make me cheer up and happy. And inspired! So my advice for you is to visit the Design museum in Helsinki because there's going Marimekko exhibition at the moment!

Marimekko-life - 60 years of colors, stripes and shapes 

Design Museum

Korkeavuorenkatu 23
00130 Helsinki

(click here to see the map)

How to get?
By tram: From the central take number 10. It takes you just next to the museum.
By foot: It's very close to central, just head towards Erottaja and keep on walking.

How much?
I guess around 10€

Mondays closed
Tuesday 11-20
Wednesday to Sunday 11-18


Note! Also English brochures available.

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