Thursday, 17 March 2011

43rd issue: Finnish Wannabe Politician: Juhani Mönkkönen

I was spending my time on Facebook and came across with an advertisement advertising a kind of a credit card that has pay free 12 months. EEE?

Then I clicked it, because it sounded too good to be true. And the first thing I saw was "Vote for the True Finns". Ah, I see. This dude, Juhani Mönkkönen, is advertising himself as a fighter against peoples (meaning Finnish citizens) tax money used to "wrong" things, such as helping immigrants. Doesn't he sound like his joking? This must be a joke. Someone really thinks that our taxes are going for wrong use when they are used to help immigrants...

Then I went to this dudes real web page and I started to understand: he wasn't joking! He was for real. Wait a second, Juhani Mönkkönen is advertising himself as "I'm married with an immigrant". So? What's the point? Is Mönkkönen trying to say that he has a good reason to be against immigrants because he is married with one already?

Hey Mönkkönen, if your wife isn't good enough don't turn against all the immigrants!

I want to borrow some of Mönkkönens writings:
Mönkkönen isn't the sharpest person I know..

"Finland is paying flight tickets for Somalians to fly to Finland. At the same time Finnish citizens have to pay their own evacuate in Egypt. Why?" 


1. Finnish people flew to Egypt, because they have money to travel -> they have travel company which should be the getting their customers back to Finland -> they have travel insurance -> If the situation gets too dangerous the government always comes to help. But the situation wasn't that bad.

2. There's a real war in Somalia. There isn't enough food for people. People are actually dying there because there isn't enough doctors. People are suffering from loss of different vitamins and this causes problems in their bodies.

Also, I want to write a couple of examples where my tax money has been used:

  • Design blankets for politicians (they all cost total 50 000€)
  • For the leader parties: The National Coalition Party gets the most money from the state, smaller ones like the Green party get's much more less money. And I didn't even vote for the NCP and now I have to pay their flights to Hell and back?
  • Golf yard in Masku (thank you Suvi Linden (The NCP))
  • For the wine cellar they have in the bottom floor of the Government house. And what made me even more angry was that they have pretty bad quality wines there, but not the cheapest one. And sure not Fair Trade.
There are many swine holes where tax money go, using tax money for immigrants is much more less than how our politicians use our money for driving private taxis around the town alone all the time. Just because their work - meaning Finnish citizens - pay.

The sad news is, that True Finns are second popular party in Finland. This doesn't look good at all.


Mönkkönen has done a picture of himself by copying picture of Barak Obama.

pic from here

pic from here

What does Barak Obama have to do with new age nazis?

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