Thursday, 17 March 2011

42nd issue: The spring is here - let's get horny!

Or not.

As I told, Finnish people are getting more social and happy when the spring reaches our beautiful country. This happiness brings also some awkward situations between female and men. I'm not even going to generalize here, because I'm happy that all the men aren't like this, but what I have experienced almost every year during the spring time has made me realize that humans really are animals.

This year it all started this week. See, when it's dark and cold, no one gives you any attention in the street. Everybody walks their head focused on the ground and no one bothers you. But when the sun is shining and you are wearing something lighter - let's say not so thick stockings - don't get surprised if some guys are staring at you with a wink in their eye or press beep when their driving past you. Or what happened to me this monday, someone whispered something into my ear! How disgusting! My eyes went just round and I wanted to hit that guy, but at the same time I couldn't make it clear what did he say. But I can bet that it was something sexual.

You know, I wasn't dressed up like a prostitute. I was wearing normal clothes, though less clothes than during the winter. And what makes this situation so awkward, because it all just comes round the corner! First people ignore you one suddenly they are whispering nasty things to your ear.


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