Wednesday, 16 March 2011

41th issue: When to travel to Helsinki: spring

Beginning of spring is not the prettiest time to travel here as the snow is melting and everywhere is full of ponds. This dirt destroys your shoes, because they use mixture of salt and small stones in the winter time for not being slippery. As the snow melts, salt melts with it and your beautiful black shoes get white marks. Ruined.

But, if you aren't as materialistic as I am, there's also something more valuable happening: people are getting happier and more positive! So actually beginning of spring you will see lot's of happy Finnish people! isn't it amazing! Imagine: A HAPPY FINN! I think this time people are more smiling than in the summertime. Spring means that you have survived the dark winter again and there's life after all!

Also there are some activities happening through spring:

Vappu - May Day


I wrote something about this celebration day in Low Budged Day in Helsinki.
If you want to see Finnish people getting absolutely idiots, this day is worth to see! The whole city is like a huge wild-life zoo!

April Jazz will take place this year for the 25th time!



How to get?
By busses bound for Tapiola

How much?
Different prices

More info HERE

Cherry Blossoms Blooming!

Cherry blossom park found from Roihuvuori, East-Helsinki. There are total 150 trees! Also Japanese style garden near by.

From mid-May, also Hanami-party organized. Last year it was held 22nd of May. 

Sahaajankatu, Roihuvuori

How to get? 
First take Metro to Herttoniemi and then bus 80 and 82 from the metro station. Same ticket goes for metro and busses.

Mothers day

We love our mothers. We love everyone who is a mother! So if you aren't able to give flowers to your own mother, give to your friends mother! She'll be touched!

Maailma kylässä - The World Village Festival

I wrote in "Budged day in Helsinki part 2" about Maailma kylässä-festival.


Kaisaniemen puisto - Kaisaniemi park

How much? 

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