Thursday, 3 March 2011

3rd issue: Jallu aka Jaloviina - Finnish alcohol.

Jallu is cut brandy. There is only one Jallu, but it has two different available:

One star Jallu has 1/4 brandy (alcohol 38%)
3 star Jallu has 3/4 brandy

Also soon there's gonna be two star Jallu available. Limited edition.

One star Jallu is the most famous one and usually people ask in the bar "are you using the one star Jallu?" Three star Jallu is not trendy and if you drink that you became anti-trendy and everybody laugh at you. Really, I've been there.

Cooking with Jallu

People use Jallu for cooking too. You can go and eat meatballs in Jallusauce in Ravintola Tori (located in Punavuori) for 12,5€.
Also some people put Jallu in cake. Hotel Helka's restaurant (located in central Helsinki) has white chocolate parfait with Jallu! You can add Jallu in everything you want...

Drinks with Jallu

Usually one Jallu is served 4cl, but you can also have 2cl, just remember to mention the bartender. You can enjoy your Jallu as a shot or add it in any drink. Here are few trendy tips:

Three words: cider with Jallu. You order one... let's say... Crowmoor and 4cl Jallu. Drop Jallu innit and suddenly you are very drunk. This is amazing drink!

Jallu is also good with ginger ale and coke. remember, no straw and not so many ice - it's not trendy. In coffee? Sure! Jallu coffee is delicious!

We love Jallu!

Jallu, Jalmari, Jaloviuna, Jalkkari = these all are names for Jaloviina! Also there's a adult magazine called Jallu...

Ravintola Tori
Recipe for meatballs with Jallu sauce
Hotel Helka
Wikipedia: Jaloviina

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