Wednesday, 16 March 2011

39th issue: Talking to strangers

If someone walks pass you and drops something, or has something like scarf hanging in the dirt, but she/him is not knowing it, what do you do? You say "excuse me (darling*), you dropped your gloves!/ your scarf is hanging in the dirt." Probably you'll even lift it up and clean it.

You might not even think about this, because it comes from you automatically, but in Finland..hmm, well.. You know we are shy, our shyness shows up as ignorance often in these situations.

Sure there are people who inform you if you drop something, but don't expect it. Actually if you have dropped something and no one informed you, it wont be surprising if someone saw you dropping your thing but didn't bother to tell you about it.

In Finland if we drop something, we straight away think that "oh no, why did I drop it, I was so stupid not taking care of it", so what I mean we always think it was our fault and we are stupid. This boosts our shyness and unconfident behavior. But what can we do, it's part of our mentality, this is again one thing that makes us Finnish!

(* = with my experience people use this in NZ, Australia and England.)

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