Tuesday, 15 March 2011

38th issue: How to hit on a Finnish guy

First I want you to think deeply following question:

A R E Y O U S U R E ?

If you answered "no", I'm happy for you. If you answered "yes", I shame on you.

Here are some tips how you will reach your target.

1st: You won't reach your target, so give up.

2nd: How to (try to) meet a Finnish guy

I'm sorry, but there are about three places to meet a Finnish guy. If you try to meet a Finnish guy in some other place, it will be a miracle if you succeed. So, good places are your work place, at school or in a bar. Oh, and Internet but it doesn't count. If you meet someone at your work and fell slightly in love with him, everything will be ruined after you have some party at your work and you end up at his place.  If you meet someone at your school, well I know many stories that have ended up quite nice, but usually they end up after you graduate and want different things from your life. If you meet someone at a bar, well, some stories end up nice but most of them are one night stand or one months story.

3rd: How to make it work with a Finnish guy?

I'm sorry, but it's not up to you. You are not able to control it at all. The most difficult guys are at the age of 25-30. These dudes have lived already a long and serious relationship (usually with the girl they met at their school or their one night stand bar story ended up being 3 years stand). After they broke up they become scared of having a new relationship. I don't know why this happens, but they probably get scared of growing up and making a family? They want to be teenagers for ever! So, if you are ok with just having a physical relationship with someone, then you'll be ok, but don't ever think the guy is in love with you while you have that physical stuff going on. He is actually deeply afraid of you - that you'd say "are we having a relationship". Don't ever say that to a Finnish guy.

4th: What's the trick?

I'm sorry, but there aren't any tricks. Or I haven't figured out them yet. One thing that might help is to be PATIENT. Yes, Finnish guys want patience, because they are afraid of having a relationship. So the best way is just to stay distant and maybe have something physical going on, but never ever expect that it will turn ok when you want. It's (unfortunately) up to the Finnish guys. Sad part is, that usually Finnish guys understand too late that they like you. And what I mean too late is like 1-2 years after you are not even interested of him anymore.

Can you be so patient or should you just choose a Swedish guy? Yeah, take that Swede.

HFUT is rising again!