Sunday, 13 March 2011

36th issue: Who is Mr. Katainen?

Ok, I made those t-shirts and it has question owned to certain person. People outside Finland don't know what or who is this dude, Mr. Katainen. He is Jyrki Katainen (also known as Jykä or Jytsky or Jyssykkä or Jysmy. If you go to sauna wit him, then you should use these names to him) is the chairman of the National Coalition Party (later mentioned as NCP). As I told, the NCP is extremely powerful party in Finland, they have the most politicians sitting in the parliament - total 51 ppl! Social democrats have 45 and Centre party 50*. (*=based on Wikipedia, one page say they have 51 ppl too)

Back to the topic which is Jyrki Katainen. He is very funny man. Before he was this shy and geeky guy - but suddenly something happened! I honestly don't know what, but seems like someone got a bit more self-confident. I also don't know did he go to some how-to-be-more-confident-course or did he start using cocaine. Or maybe.....he understood that you make shit loads of money just by being more confident. Money makes people change, as we know. And the NCP is the money lovers party.

Latest funny thing Katainen said, was that Social Democrats are yelling from bushes. He said this after the nuclear danger in Japan started big discussions here about those two nuclear factories they decided to build in Finland. Of course those politicians who voted for "NO" are taking the situation in Japan as an example, because it seems like those other politicians who voted for "YES" have forgotten Tchernobyl disaster.

Jyrki Katainen before and after he started banging money. I think he looks like hipster in the upper one. Those glasses and hair are IN at the moment..



I'm sorry Jytsky, but you are not my type of guy. I don't like flirty guys. I like real guys. I'm voting for the GREENS.

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