Saturday, 12 March 2011

34th issue: Sharing is caring

I'm usually afraid about meeting random people on the net. I still have kind of image in my head that there's real life, and then there's Internet. I kind of think that everybody on Internet are  killers or rapists.. eh.

Well, then there's this web-site which someone said is "communistic". We Finnish people like to judge, my whole blog is about judging and seeing everything black and white. I believe in black and white life. And everyone in Internet are rapists and killers..

Well, this mentioned web-site is meant for people who want to switch their skills with someone: one knows how to fix pants and other one knows how to fix a hole on roof. The one who fixes usually roofs has broken pants, and the other one who knows how to fix pants has a hole on her roof. What happens? They put their skills together and help each other.

But I m so super surprised that this actually works in Finland - or between Finnish people. But then I red in which area the whole organization works: Kumpula, Käpylä and Arabia. Those all - especially Kumpula -  are slightly hippy-ish places. Also now we hit the issue about judging again: hippies are communists and so on...

Sharing is caring and COMMUNISM!

Don't you just love the way of clicking the word "help" into communism. Why everything have to be so political based! Nothing can be a lifestyle and come purely from heart... no no no, it's communism!

Check it out HERE 
(Only in Finnish)

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