Saturday, 12 March 2011

33th issue: Fashion is for fashion people

There are heaps of fashion blogs around. Some of them are famous - even world famous. Wowowoo! Internet is amazing place, it feels like fame is more reachable than ever.

Also in Finland we have loooot's of fashion blogs and some of the bloggers have became "famous". I was watching TV and I saw some girl talking there, but I didn't know who she is and what is she talking about, until I understood she is talking about her blog. Also soon I saw this girl in magazines. Just because of a blog her face was everywhere!

There are organized different kinds of parties for these "famous" fashion bloggers. They are also invited for different companies showrooms, because they advertise these companies after the visits on their blogs. I kinda of think these companies are using these bloggers: companies get more customers when the blogger shows some products on her/his blog and writes "this dress is awesome". Then the product is a hit.

Still I don't think this phenomena will stay for long - though fashion is always something that interests people. It might change it's appearance in the future. Or maybe the bloggers who are now on top are going to have a sparkling future for a while, but then they will realize that sharing your life with X amount of readers is slightly suspicious and will quit doing it. Also I wonder are they going to put on their CV's "I was writing for a really famous blog which had 10,000 readers".

...Actually after I wrote that, I started to think why the heck I'm even studying media when there are people who work in supermarkets as their daily job and on top of that they get free stuff from companies for showing on web what they are wearing today. Also some of the bloggers get free travels and VIP passes to e.g. fashion weeks held in different parts of the world.

Unfair. I have failed in my life.

I want free clothing, invites to vip parties and travels including five star hotels too!

ps. those hotels *must* have breakfast.

Dear Santa?

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