Saturday, 12 March 2011

31st issue: YES NO YES NO YES

First they wanted to build one power plant more to Finland. We had two before that. Then the politicians talked and talked and talked about it the Green league say NO, the National Coalition Party say YES, others say yesnoyesnoyesno...yes. And yes, they decided to build one more. No, wait, instead they decided to built  TWO MORE!

Welcome to Finland the country of thousand lakes...

Yes, thousands of lakes. We actually argued once with my Swedish friend which country has more lakes: Finland or Sweden. I won.

I don't write this because nuke made a big danger in Japan, I'm writing this because Finnish politicians who voted for "yes" should really think does country like Finland need more nuke power, when we have other possibilities to make electricity.

Check out New Zealand, they are totally nuclear free country!

"A memorial listing the names of all parliamentarians who voted for the nuclear power reactors on 2010-07-01, seen near Töölönlahti, Helsinki."

Pic from HERE

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