Wednesday, 9 March 2011

30th issue: Jokes you shouldn't tell Finnish people...

"Oh, you are from Finland, are you finished?"
- That joke is not funny at all.

"Oh, you are from Finland. I've heard you drink a lot"
- Yes we drink a lot and that's it. We know it.

"Oh, you are from Finland. I red you commit lot's of suicides"
- You think it's funny? I bet you'd commit a suicide too if you'd try to live in Finland instead of sunny California....

"Oh, you are from Finland! You must love vodka!"
- Vodka is Russian...

"Oh, you are from Finland. What do you think about Russia?"
- What do you think about Russia?

"Oh, you are from Finland. Do you have polar bears"
- Is this even a joke or is that person asking it seriously?

"Oh, you are from Finland. Are you part of EU?"
- This too sounds like a joke, but it's not...

"You can't be from Finland, you don't have a blonde hair!"
- Yeah.

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