Wednesday, 9 March 2011

29th issue: Die, die, die my darling: postmodern art

2012 Helsinki is the Design Capital of the World! Wohoo! *balloons and stuff*

This means lot's of our young designers get a chance to become famous, because lot's of foreign medias are going to surround Helsinki and hopefully tourism will rise high too... It would be good for our economy, which is going down after Nokia decided to build a huge factory in Vietnam.

But no worries, we don't need Nokia, we have super good designers who can create something that no one in the world can. Why is this? Because we - Finnish people - have different way of seeing life... (as you may have understood after reading some of my other issues...)

But there's a BUT....

Timo Soini, I hate you.
Elections are coming. Before the biggest parties were Social democrats, The National Coalition Party and Central party. Suddenly something happened... That guys face, who is staring you on the right, started to appear everywhere. He came up with his nationalist thoughts such as "less immigrants to Finland" and the latest "postmodern art is not art and we shouldn't support it". This guy, Timo Soini, is the leader bloke of TRUE FINNS-party. Imagine, there are Finnish people and then there are TRUE Finns. What does that make me as a half Finnish... A fake Finn? A joke Finn? Not Finn at all?

Well, anyway this party has been making heaps of amateur mistakes, but the more mistakes they make the more people vote them! Isn't it strange? In a way I understand why they get so much votes: no one's perfect, so people are feeling bad for them and giving their voices because of that?

Well the real problem is, that they are rising and actually touching the same level as social democrats are. This means that our next Prime Minister might be that troll nosed man who doesn't understand or respect postmodern art at all. Yep! What will happen when we are the Design Capital of the World? And I wonder are they gonna quit the University of Fine Arts, because it's the postmodern art student factory. This reminds me of Nazi Germany: Hitler quit Bauhaus school because the art of Bauhaus was too strong. And so is postmodern art..


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