Tuesday, 8 March 2011

28th issue: WELL DONE FINLAND!!!!

A Finnish art student has come second in an international FUR competition! She made a fucking ugly "dress" from mink.

It's not surprising that Finland succeed in such competition because there has been a huge issue about how they treat fur animals. You know, we produce loads of fur, but we don't know damn about animal rights. Or we know, but we rather ignore them, because we LOOOVE money.

There have been also issues about how bad they treat farm animals: some pigs have been castrated without using any painkillers, just cutting their balls off.  Was Finland known for it's high technology and good education?

If you want to see how Finnish people treat fur animals, just write on google : TURKISTARHAUS and you'll get lot's of nasty pictures. I don't want to put any here, because those pictures are not delightful at all.

Attitude of Finland : MONEY FIRST, MONEY SECOND, MONEY THIRD. Nothing else matters.

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