Sunday, 6 March 2011

25th issue: Chinatown in Helsinki?

No, we don't have a Chinatown! I bet we are the only country which don't have it. It's maybe because we don't basically have that many Chinese here. It's a pity, I like Asian people and I think we should have more of them here.

I have traveled to Asia many times for different reasons and I still admire the food culture in each Asian country separately. There are Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean restaurants, but what if you want to cook some of these countries cuisines at home?
Supermarket's have some stuff, like soy sauce, noodles, seaweed, wasabi, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, curry paste, coconut milk, but these are not the only things to prepare delicious Asian food. With these you can do limited stuff, but still some spices might miss and the taste will be just slightly Asian.

Go to Asian food markets to get all the ingredients for your cookings. Asian stuff in supermarkets are double, even triple the price of Asian markets! They are found from Hakaniemi, very close to each other.

Vii Voan hase a wide selection from indian spices to Japanese cuisine. Also fresh Thai basil leafs and other fresh vegetables available.

My recommendation:
Tempeh for 2.20€. I always buy many and put them in my freezer. Tempeh is not available always, so if there isn't any, ask the workers when they get more.

Hämeentie 3 (Hakaniemi)

How to get?
Metro/tram to Hakaniemi

More info HERE

Oriental supermarket I used to call this shop the Taiwanese shop. I don't remember why, maybe because the workers were so super nice and kind - like Taiwanese people are! Then I figured out they are Chinese. Very nice Chinese! Their selection is mostly based on Chinese, Korean and Japanese food products.

My recommendation:
Big pack of organic seaweed for sushi rolls around 5€, miso paste cheaper than in Vii Voan, pack of goji berries around 2€

Oriental supermarket
Sörnäisten rantatie

How to get?
Metro/tram to Hakaniemi. Take the Hakaniemi tori exit.

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