Sunday, 6 March 2011

24th issue: Stupid celebrities: Maria Veitola

Maria Veitola is "famous" Finnish tv and radio presenter.

Veirola has her own talk show called Maria! coming on channel four every Wednesday 9pm. The whole idea is to kind of "tease" other celebrities live. Unfortunately thes person (Veitola) is not managing very well. She tries too hard and ends up just sounding and looking very FAKE.

So, she tries to be provocative to all the other celebrities, like asking our Prime minister Matti Vanhanen if he could have a relationship with a muslim woman. She asked this question after Matti Vanhanen was selected to be the main speaker at Muslim culture festival.

 I understand Maria asked this question from Vanhanen, because he has been changing girlfriends quite often. But I would say Veitola made herself look like very unsophisticated and simple person.

Where do these rubbish tv-presenters come from?

After she asked: "Do you wish you children would have wonderful muslim girlfriends"




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