Sunday, 6 March 2011

23rd issue: Free Wifi covers Helsinki

Iphones, androids, ipods, ipads, laptops...
email, facebook, twitter, news, youtube....

The World we live in has become virtual. Then you go to a new country and all the WiFi's are only working with prepaid cards or hard to find or locked... But hey, we don't have this problem in Helsinki! We have free WiFi almost everywhere: in the parks, in coffee shops, in trams! Also soon trains and busses will get free WiFi. Aren't we some high in technology, huh?

I don't even pay for Internet at my home, because the library Wifi covers my area. This is like saving 24€/a month. With 24€ I eat for 4 days! 

Choose hkl_open

And there you go!

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