Saturday, 5 March 2011

19th issue: Etiquette of alcohol culture in Helsinki

- If you take a bottle beer you should drink it from the bottle.

- You should also leave about 2 cm from your beer, because it's not sparkling anymore (even if it was, you have to do it still)

- If no one is watching you you can finish your 2 cm....

- Also you have to say "Lapinkulta tastes like dog pee", then people usually agree you.

- If you see Stella Artois on tap, you should say: "I will definitely take Stella Artois!"

- Ordering Jallu, you have to make it sure that it is one star Jallu. It is one star everywhere, but it's just trendy to make it clear.

- No straw with a drink

- White Russian with full milk from short glass without ice

- Drinking Bacardi Breezer is like drinking juice (only 4% alcohol)

- Dont talk about champagne when you are drinking 7€ sparkling wine

- You can buy a round of drinks, but don't expect that others will buy you any

- Liquor shots with cream are big no-no

- If you want a shot take: Fisu (fisherman's friend shot), Pantteri (mix of Fisu and Salmari (=salty licorice shot)), Averna, Jekku (Jägermaister), ice cold Kossu (Koskenkorva vodka), Fernett Branca. Other shots are not trendy.

- You can go to a bar and drink beer which doesn't have any alcohol, it's not embarrassing, people will understand you (they will think you have been drinking many months on row)

- During the summer spitzer is still trendy!

- Bartenders like if you bring your empty glass to them, but if the bar is busy - don't bother, you will only make their work run slower.

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