Saturday, 5 March 2011

15th issue: Swedish speaking people do it better!

Swedish-speaking Finns are our biggest minority group. They have their own radio channels, own tv-programs and tv-canals, parties,.. they have their own culture!

When I was a child I had few Swedish-speaking Finn friend. We were speaking Finnish with them, because I couldn't speak Swedish. I never though they were different...

When I was working in a bar we were having Swedish-speaking Finns party there, called Svenska Talande Klubb (Swedish speakers club). Soon I realized that it's not a tabu that these people are much more sophisticated than many full Finnish speakers are! I started to admire them for their politeness, cleverness and even that they are much more stylish than Finnish people. Finnish people seem like bunch of farm people compared to Swedish-speaking Finns.

So, if you just don't get along with full Finnish people, I recommend you to try with Swedish-speaking Finns. They are much more social! Even guys are much different than full Finnish ones, these guys are much more kind and thoughtful! I bet they will even buy you flowers.

Special parties organized by Swedish-speaking Finns?

Svenska Talande Klubb is held in Korjaamo once a month. Tickets around 7-10€ + 2€ for cloakroom service. Usually bands from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries playing, like there has been Salem Al Fakir (SWE) and Donkey boy (NOR)....

Where's Korjaamo?
Töölönkatu 51B

How to get?
Trams 3T, 4, 7B, 10. Hop off at Töölön kisahalli.

More information HERE.

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