Saturday, 5 March 2011

14th issue: Nationalism.

I am nationalist: I love my country and I know my grandpa was one of the soldiers who helped Finland to get it's independency. And that's it.

Then there are people, who call themselves nationalists, but they are more like new age nazis. These people think Finland has too many refugees and everyone who looks different are living with government's money. This doesn't have anything to do with nationalism, this is straight taken from the ideology of Hitler.

Avoid people who have this kind of necklace: 

 They are usually those wrong kind of nationalists. It's sad that they have stolen our national sign. By using these they know who is in "their side." What's silly, these people don't remember that Finland had to send over 200 000 people as a refugee to Sweden back in the days...  

Usually if I see someone wearing this necklace I tell them my opinion of them. As I have multicultural background I don't support their ideology at all.

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