Saturday, 5 March 2011

11th issue: Stereotyping Finnish people

This issue is not stickily about Helsinki, but this will help you to understand some the young adults in Helsinki.

If your country would have darkness for 5 month on a row, I bet you'd understand why we are the way we are. I have some friends who have moved to Finland from other countries and they have taken the darkness very hard and actually left Finland.

If you have depression in your family, but you haven't had it - I would not recommend you to visit Finland during the winter. Your depression gene might activate here.


Finland was known for it's black metal scene a few years ago, but gladly this scene is dying. In Helsinki it's rare to see any heavy metal dudes anymore. Mostly Helsinki is full of hipsters and ... hipsters. Some people say that they are not hipsters, but I think everyone is a hipster here. Me too. It's just so easy to generalize people. Hipster is the new black (metal).

Smaller groups

Also there's a small amount of certain people who have past as geek. There's one generation, which used IRC for socializing. These people were mostly spending time online talking about computer games..and having net sex. Virtual sex, yeah. Later on they started to organize IRC meetings and met each other. And there are many couples who have met in IRC and now are married! Amazing huh!   

80's gothic scene lived it's new wave from beginning of 2000's to mid 2000's. There were gothic clubs organized where music was all about Siouxie and the Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus and so on. Now this scene has died, but still you can hear these bands in a ordinary club, by hipsters playing these bands.

And also there were new age hippies, who exist still. It's very easy to get along with Finnish hippies: they are kind and smiling. A bit shy, but loyal!


We are still depressed and melancholy. Our hipsters play in bands or they are one man band song writers. Many of the hipsters have past as black metal dudes, IRC users or gothic. Still these people are black metal, IRC users or gothic from their hearts, they just now dress up differently.

Still hipsters worship. That's me worshipping on the right side.

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